Travel Cashback

We are all connected by a love for travel!

Travelling cost sometimes can be expensive and may require you to save up and budget your costs ahead of time. There is a lot of things need to be consider and of course money always be the main concern to us. Definitely we don’t want to stress ourselves out during our vacation by having no money for when we return.
I am very particular about budgeting, and most of the time i will try to be as minimal as i can whenever travelling. Compared to last time, cheap prednisone USA traveling made easy nowadays, whereby you may opt to plenty of travel website that offer the best deal.
Things that commonly you need to consider in planning are mode of travelling (flight / train / bus etc), accommodations and tour / package or activities. So, I’m gonna spill you one secret, how can i still earn the cashback by travelling.

Just a glance about ShopBack,it is a Singaporean e-commerce startup that utilises the cashback reward program. The cash back reward program works by allowing online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they buy products through the service. Not only that, they also provide coupons and voucher codes for online shopping. Currently affiliated with over 300 merchants from all over the world, including online retail giants like Zalora, Lazada etc.
My favourite category definitely travelling sections.
They are few of my favourite merchants listed in ShopBack such as, Expedia, AirasiaGo etc. The percentage of cashback might vary depending on the merchants.
How it works?
1) You need to sign up with ShopBack. (may click at my referral link here and  get RM 10 upon sign up)
2) Select categories for example :  TRAVEL
You may have all the freedom to choose any merchants that offers higher cashback and best deals.
3) Click at any preferred merchant. For example :
4) Click at activate cash back and it will re-direct you to the merchant’s website.
5) Make a booking / shop as usual and make a purchase
6) Get Cashback in your ShopBack account within 48 hours, under the “Pending’ tab.
7) Your Cashback will turn ‘Redeemable’ once order is validated by the merchant. This will take 30-60 days to ensure that there is no order cancellation/return/exchange.
You can request for payout once you’ve reached Redeemable Cashback of RM 10.00. I did my first payout of RM 50, and it is really hassle free. In one week time, my money credited to my personal bank.
Lists of top 10 reputable travel website in ShopBack
(The percentage of cashback might vary depending on the merchants)


2) Agoda
4) Expedia
6) Malaysia Airlines
7) Fave by Groupon
8) Emirates Airlines
9) Air France
10) Etihad Airlines

It is beneficial for the traveler. buy cheap zoloft reviews natural alternative You are not only enjoy the great deal but also can save a lot.As i mentioned earlier, ShopBack engaged with a lot of merchants, so not only limited to Travel merchants but if you are an avid online shopping, you might also enjoy this benefits as they also affiliated with online retails like Zalora, Lazada, Asos etc.So be a wise traveler and enjoy the cashback!I am giving out RM 10 bonus upon registration. So sign up now at“SHOPBACK”!


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